Laboratory and Biosafety Systems, Inc., LABS for short, is a one-stop shop for flow measurement of gas, liquid, and air; energy measurement in hydronic systems, and for critical environment controls. Based on individual customer requirements we design, sell, install, and service products used in maintaining the safety of our customers’ employees, energy and cost efficiency, compliance with OSHA and the EPA, and the maximum productivity of equipment and personnel. We also provide consultation, field training, start-ups, and service maintenance for our customers.


By providing expert knowledge of systems and products, how they function, and their

overall use, we provide the Right Solutions for our customers. And with an emphasis

on high-touch customer service and fast turn-around times, we provide those solutions

Right Away. Our aim is to make it easy for our customers.


Our customers include critical environments such as hospitals, university and

commercial laboratories,pharmaceutical manufacturers, and R&D facilities, as well as, data centers, parking garages, correctional institutions, schools, public transportation centers, green houses, and other places where monitoring and measuring gases and/or liquids can be beneficial or are necessary for safety, comfort, maximizing productivity, compliance, or cost efficiency.


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