• Consultation & Planning


• Sales


• Set up & Facilitation


• Installation


• Training


• Pre-Certification Audits


• Start-up


• Calibration & Maintenance


• Troubleshooting & Repair


• Sound



LABS is a full service company providing multiple levels of service from full turn-key solutions to simple sales, repair, or maintenance services. Below are some details of the services available from LABS:


CONSULTATION & PLANNING - Most of our customers come to use with a need for a certain type of system. We discuss with them their goals and the details of what they are trying to accomplish and work with them to determine the best custom solution for their needs, their specific building, etc. Our experience and expertise in the available equipment, how they can be used, and the best ways to integrate them into the customer's work flow is valuable when it comes time to implement the best possible solution.


SALES - Not only does LABS understand the best solutions for a client's project but we

represent the best manufacturers in the business and can bring together the best

equipment to meet ouf client's needs. If we don't have what you need, we will help you find



SET UP & FACILITATION - Our services don't end with equipment sales, we work

with our customers to help determine what data is vital to which department and

what the best ways would be to get them the information they require, what monitoring needs exist, etc. to make the most out of the solution provided.


INSTALLATION - We provide installation services of the solutions we recommend. LABS is a full-service, one-stop shop.


START UP - Once a solution is installed, we perform the tasks to get it all running, confirm the data flows to the right computers, ensure that everything is working as it should before we turn everything over to the client.


TRAINING - In-field training is available to our customers to ensure maximum productivity, understanding of safety, how things function, etc.


PRE-CERTIFICATION AUDITS - Safety organizations like OSHA and the EPA often audit our client businesses to ensure compliance with government regulations. LABS is qualified to provide pre-certification audits to evaluate our clients' operations. We can then go through the necessary trouble-shooting, calibrations, and repairs that may be necessary to ensure compliance.


CALIBRATION & MAINTENANCE - Over time, most equipment requires routine maintenance, calibration, and, re-certification. LABS provides these services on the equipment we sell and on other equipment. Contact LABS today to find out if a LABS technician can service the equipment you already have.


TROUBLESHOOTING & REPAIR - With usage of any equipment, issues may arise and you need the quickest way to get things back up and running. LABS provides troubleshoot and repair services on the solutions we recommend and others.


SOUND – Sound is a specialized part of our industry. We can measure and control sound so that it doesn’t interfere with productivity, sensitive equipment, or other concerns.



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