Unlike UV-A & UV-B, UV-C on the ultra-violet light spectrum is filtered out from the sun by the earth’s ozone. UV-C radiation is a known disinfectant and has been used to purify water in commercial application since 1909, overhead air applications in hospital since 1936, HVAC applications since 1940, and non-porous surfaces disinfection since 1999.



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Special Properties of UV-C

UV-C has a wavelength of between 200 and 288 nm.This narrow band does not breakdown the oxygen O2 molecule and produce dangerous ozone. This makes it a safe and efficient disinfection method for home, office, laboratories, schools and hospitals.  UV-C energy works by damaging nucleic acids (RNA/DNA) in viruses and bacteria. UV-C disrupts the protective protein coating around the organism. Both effects of UV-C lead to inactivation of the organism.


Science has not found any organism that can withstand the instructive effects of UV-C germicidal wavelength, including superbugs and antibiotic-resistant germs.




Our world is changing faster now than any other time in history. The recent Covid 19 pandemic has expedited the worlds need to safely and efficiently control the spread of threatening organisms in our home, work, recreational and worship spaces. LABS has been focused on providing successful solutions to future contaminations that may affect your life. The effectiveness of a UV-C disinfection system depends on getting an adequate amount of light intensity on the organism for the necessary amount of time. Each application and system is different. Let us engineer a system that works for your needs.


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