• Comfort


• Cost Efficiency


• Safety


• Longevity


• Compliance


• Precision


• Fast Turn-Around


• Expert Knowledge







At LABS, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with The Right Solution. Right Away. Our expert knowledge of the solutions available in gas & liquid control and monitoring helps to provide our clients with the best, custom solutions to fulfill their needs in the quickest time-frame possible. Some of those needs may include:


COMFORT - One of a company's most valued resources are their employees. Keeping them comfortable as they do their work helps to maximize productivity and energize morale.


COST EFFICIENCY - By measuring the amounts of gas and/or liquids being used, a company can determine if their is a change in usage over time and determine why that might be. Maybe it's a faulty piece of equipment, maybe it's the time of year, or maybe lack of employee training. By measuring use, you have the data necessary to correctly address the issue.


SAFETY - In critical environments like laboratories, clean rooms, and operating rooms,

eliminating contaminated or dangerous air is critical. Products like fume hoods and

proper ventilation systems can save lives.  Even in parking garages where carbon

monoxide can build up in the air or in boiler plants where temperatures can rise to

dangerous levels, monitoring is vital to safety, LABS can provide safety solutions

to save your top resources.


LONGEVITY - Today's buildings are designed to last for years and years. Ensuring that the systems used inside them are ready for long term use can not only save money but also replacement time.


COMPLIANCE - Through selection of the right products and design of the best solution, we help ensure our clients are compliant with OSHA, the EPA, and other organizations. LABS also conducts pre-certification audits and is qualified to certify the solutions we provide.


PRECISION - Being precise is invaluable when it comes to R&D, manufacturing, overall cost efficiency and safety. Knowledge is power. LABS provides that power through measurement solutions for most liquids and gases.


FAST TURN-AROUND - Buildings are designed, developed, and built in less than half the time that it took just 10 years ago. WIth these tighter turn-around times, LABS is here to provide the best, most qualified solutions as quickly as possible with a high concentration on customers service. We aim to make it easy for our customers to do business with us.


EXPERT KNOWLEDGE - Through consultation in planning and design, installation, start up, and even in field training, LABS shares their knowledge of the best systems and solutions available with their customers.


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